Document Orders

Document Orders

Please use this system to request documents.

If you are not sure which document(s) you need you can find out more about the documents here. If you are a current or recently withdrawn student requesting a transcript to support your transfer to another institution, please contact AskBU instead.

All replacements have precisely the same standing as the original which they replace, are produced in the format currently in use and will not be a facsimile copy of the original.

Please select the document(s) you require below and click on the order button. You will then be asked to provide identification information and payment using our secure online debit/credit card payment system.

If you need any help completing this form, please contact AskBU .

Document Cost Number of Copies  
£10.00 per year plus £5.00 for each additional copy
£10.00 for the first copy plus £5.00 for each additional copy
Only 1 award certificate can be provided at £30
Once you have completed your order it will be processed within 10 working days.